Adam ButtreyFairview, TN native Adam Buttrey is a long-time illustrator and graphic designer.  With a passion to draw and a huge appreciation of anything comics / sci-fi related, Adam continues to bring characters* to life through digital media, marker, watercolor and pencil sketches.  In his spare time Adam is an avid collector of various toys and action figures, both vintage and new, and enjoys an occasional binge-marathon of Bob’s Burgers, Regular Show, or really cheesy horror-flicks.  He is very inspired by music, film, his courageous mother and a great group of friends, but is most inspired by his loving and supportive wife Caysie.  The couple currently reside in Nashville, TN.


*Note: All illustrations on Adam’s “Fan Art” page are exactly that.  Fan Art only.  They are only Adam’s interpretation of existing characters who belong to their corresponding brand (Marvel Comics, DC Comics, etc.) Adam makes no claims that these are his own original characters.